guest house which is spread in Yogyakarta

There are so many guest house which is spread in Yogyakarta. You can get a cheap guest house in Jogja starting price of 100 thousand. Guest house is very suitable for those who are on vacation with a minimal budget, especially for backpackers. Guest house is not suitable when you vacation in Jogja with your family or partner, because most of the guest house was not meant for those who want their privacy maintained. If you are staying in the guest house, you can just be in the same room with another person or another family.
Feed back with privacy, the guest house offers room rates are cheaper than a hotel. Guest house can be equated also with homestay. Lots of guest house in Jogja that offer cheap prices ranging from 100 thousands. But for the facility issues is certainly not complete guest house facilities star hotel, let alone to privacy issues.

But in today’s world, the price of the guest house itself much equivalent to the price of five-star hotel. However, from the data we collect, some of the guest house which offers a slightly expensive price much favored by the guests. Is evident from some of the guests who were satisfied after their stay at the guest house in Jogja.

Here we provide information about cheap guest house in Yogyakarta at a price below 500 thousands, up to the guest house at a price of 100 thousands in Yogyakarta.